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Sigma TV, the coordinator of the Leonardo da vinci project, with five other partners (Ea Media Solutions, Instituto de Formacion Integral, GSI-Gruppi di Solidarieta Internazionale, Athens Technology Center and GrantXpert Consulting) have tasked to undretake the project of Leonardo Transfer of Innovation with subject << MEDIA TECH: the future of media by using innovative technologies>>.

Τhe aim of this project is to transfer and further develop from the UK an innovative methodology consisting of a complete training package for media firms in the southern part of Europe (Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Greece). The training will deal with the latest developments in their field, still not available in the receiving countries (in production, journalism, online portals, presentation and editing of TV programs, reporting, etc), helping to develop systematic learning activities.

This trend has strong relations with the Life Long Learning concept in the context of creating sustainable businesses in Europe and adopting innovative training material, through transfer of knowledge. This can serve as a starting point in promoting lifelong learning activities within EU media companies.

The project aims to address the EU and national priorities mentioned above by developing new skills and expertise for media people (especially young) and strengthening the European audiovisual industry through the promotion of digital technologies.

The overall strategy of the project is to develop a sustainable training product for the enhancement of the skills and competencies of the project's partners, helping them in dealing successful with the innovative media.

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